Invis 2 - Your watch just got smarter.


Class meets fit. The Invis 2 watch strap will motivate and remind you about daily health and activity goals. Receive summaries on a personalized dashboard within the Invis App.


Take control of your notifications. Customize your notifications on the Invis App and control them with a simple tap on your Invis 2.


Feel safer and more at ease. Tap your Invis 2 three times and your location will be shared with pre-selected contacts.

Loss Prevention

Stay connected with your smart devices. Set your Invis 2 to vibrate so when you leave your phone behind you are gently reminded.


A discreet alarm system. Set alarms within the Invis App and your Invis 2 will vibrate accordingly without disturbing others.

Find Me

Don’t worry about misplacing your watch. The live location of the Invis 2 will be shown within the Invis App.

High Quality Watch Straps

  • Anti-allergic stainless-steel buckle.
  • Made from greased Italian cowhide.
  • RoHS certification.

Seamlessly Integrated Technology

  • Lightweight and flexible implants are integrated non-intrusively into high quality leather watch straps.
  • Ultra-small High Density Interconnect flex-rigid Printed Circuit Boards function with Bluetooth 5.1 technology.
  • Smart Gesture Recognition Algorithms enable personalized control.
  • The Invis 2 battery will hold a charge for up to 15 days.

Invis App

Your Invis 2 connects to the Fidesmo App automatically. Control of multifaceted features such as the activity dashboard, notification control and payments monitoring is simple. The Invis App is designed easy to use and customize, enabling conscious steps into the connected future. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.


This solution, created by a company based in Poland, is one of the more clever solutions I’ve seen in a while simply because the entire thing is carefully hidden.

- TechCrunch

Now, designers have found a solution that lets you buy a strap that suits your style, but which has the smart functions seen on the more high-tech models.

- Daily Mail

Technical Description


Li-ion, 30 mAh


Up to 15 days


Bluetooth 5.1




3.2 x 15 x 48 [mm]