Invis Pass - Pay with a flick of the wrist.



Paying has never been easier. Enjoy smooth contactless payments using your Invis Pass. Pay by simply moving your watch over a terminal.


Your security is paramount. Invis Pass works on the Fidesmo Pay platform. Card information is never transferred to the watch strap. A reference is used to identify your card at the time of purchase.


Never compromise your style. Your Invis Pass ensures functionality and connectivity while preserving the heritage of a classic watch.


Coming soon, access made easy. Access to smart locks, public transport and support for various loyalty programs will require a simple software update made within the Invis App.


Forget about charging. Your Invis Pass recharges directly at any terminal upon payment.

Fidesmo Pay

With good parters things are simple. The Invis Pass works on the Fidesmo Pay platform, in partnership with selected banks. More banks coming soon.

Activate Your Invis Pass

  • With Android devices: Connect your payment card to your Invis Pass by following the steps on the Invis App.
  • With both iOS and Android devices: Use the secure Fidesmo E-com service on our website when buying the Invis Pass to connect your payment card.

Invis App

Your Invis Pass will function on the Invis App. Once detected your Invis Pass is granted access to the Payments feature. The Payments feature is designed to ensure easy monitoring and updates of the payment methods connected to your Invis Pass. The Invis App is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Supported cards



Nordea Black

Nordea Platinum

Nordea Premium

Nordea Gold

Nordea Credit

First Card (Mastercard)

Swedbank and the Saving banks

Requires both a private bank card and private internet banking access. Corporate bank cards and corporate internet banking access are not supported Swedbank Debit Mastercard


SEB cards (not Maestro)


SAS Eurobonus Mastercard

Circle K Mastercard

Nordic Choice Mastercard

Saab Mastercard

Opel Mastercard

Scandic Friends Mastercard

SJ Prio Mastercard



KBC Debit Card (Bancontact & Maestro)


CBC Debit Card (Bancontact & Maestro)

KBC Brussels

KBC Brussels Debit Card (Bancontact & Maestro)


Eika Kredittbank

Eika Gold

Eika Business

Agricard Privat

Agricard Ansatt

Agricard Firma

NAF Xtra



Business med privatansvar

Business med bedriftsansvar



GlobeCard Mastercard

SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard

SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard Premium

Esso Mastercard

Nordic Choice Club Mastercard

Volvo Mastercard

Circle K Mastercard

Landkreditt Mastercard

DNB Corporate Mastercard



Anyone with a VIMpay account can use Fidesmo Pay


Is Fidesmo Pay secure?

Yes. Your credit card information is never transferred to your Invis Pass. Instead, a reference is used to identify your credit card during a purchase. The wearable itself utilises the same security infrastructure as Credit and SIM Cards.

Will Fidesmo receive information about my purchases when I use Fidesmo Pay?

No. Fidesmo cannot see where or when you make a purchase with Fidesmo Pay, nor what you are purchasing. What Fidesmo sees is an email address linked to a Fidesmo wearable with a valid payment card connected.

How do I connect a payment card to my Invis Pass through the Invis website?

You can connect a payment card to your Invis Pass when you order it online, on the Invis Website. The wearable will be sent to you with the payment card connected. It will be delivered to you in an inactive state, which means that you cannot use it for payments until you activate it. Instructions for activation can be found in the product packaging.

Can I connect any payment card to my Invis Pass?

Whether your payment card can be connected or not depends on your card issuer. If your card issuer has activated Fidesmo Pay, then your payment card can be connected. Please check the list of banks currently partnered with the Fidesmo Pay Platform above.