Everything you need to know about the Invis

General Questions

Q: What is Invis?

A: It is a smart watch strap system that upgrade the functionality of classic watch with smart watch functionality.
Q: What is the size of a strap?
A: The Invis bands has dimention: WIDTH: 24/22 mm with additional cutting at the top to 22 mm LENGTH: 125/75 mm.
Q: How Invis works?
A: Invis is a system that consist of mobile application and smart strap. It is your personal assistant that provide you the most important information on your wrist. Mobile application by Invis filter your smartphone notfication and thanks to wireless communication send an information to strap. Smart band reads it and inform you about it by vibration and led. At the same time you have a possibility to react on it by gesture recognition.
Q: Which smartphones are compatible with Invis?
A: Invis works with mobile phones that have Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) module and one of the following operating system: Android 5.0 and higher or iOS 9.3 and higher.
Q: Can left-handed users wear it?
A: Yes, it works exactly the same.
Q: How should I wear it?
A: It is highly recommended to wear the longer part of a strap on 6 o’clock side of a watch case.
Q: How do you navigate Invis?
A: User interface contains RGB diode, vibrations and gesture recognition system.
Q: What is the estimated battery life?
A: Multiple tests showed that Invis works up to 4 days on a single charge.
Q: How to charge Invis?
A: Please take the Invis charger, plug a Invis USB cable to adopter and to USB power supply. Put a watch on a shelf and place an adopter below the longer part of a strap. It is highly recommended to have an adopter straight angle directed at the watch case.
Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?
A: Maximum battery charging time is 2h.
Q: How will I be notified when the battery is low?
A: Invis will start to blinking on red when the battery is less than 5%. When you will see it you will have around 2h of continuous work in normal mode. You can always check the battery status on your mobile application.
Q: Can I replace the battery?
A: Due to the watch band production process production it is impossible to replace battery.
Q: Is Invis waterproof?
A: The electronic is water resistant but not waterproof. You may, for example, wear and use Invis during exercise, in the rain, and while washing your hands. Try to minimize exposing Invis to these substances because the material from which the band was made could be damaged under longer exposition for liquids. Submerging Invis is not recommended because it could damage the electronic and the strap itself.
Q: Does Invis works without a phone?
A: Yes. Invis is working all the time even if smartphone is not near the strap. It still analyse your activity and alarm you at the programmed time. This is why alarms are important because they don't rely on phones.
Q: How Invis communicates with mobile application?
A: Invis communication is based on Bluetooth protocol. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and above standards.
Q: How should I clean the Invis strap if it gets dirty?
A: Just like any other leather / suede watch band using leather care products.
Q: Will there be support for other than Android and iOS operating systems?
A: Invis currently offers official support for iOS and Android. If you would like to have our application on other platforms please contact us. We would like to know that it is necessary.
Q: What languages Invis support?
A: Invis application currently support English and Polish language.

Functional Questions

Q: Invis is not turning on.
A: Please make sure that the strap is charged. Put the strap on a charger for at least 15 minutes. If this didn’t help go to troubleshooting.
Q: Invis is not charging.
A: Please make sure that the charger is properly attached. Please have a look at charging section. If this didn’t help go to troubleshooting.
Q: How do I know that the charging is in progress?
A: You can find the information in two places. Firstly please look at a charger. Near the USB connector if charging is in progress the led will be shining on green. Additionally the strap should show it by pulsating led on red, yellow or green.
Q: Invis doesn’t synchronize the activity?
A: Sometimes the package of data is too big to be send in few seconds. Please wait for a while and check the data again. Sometime closing the application help.
Q: How should I double tap.
A: Please double knock on the strap for ~0.5 s. Please tap in different places to see which is the most suitable for you.
Q: Invis doesn’t show notification.
A: Make sure that the notifications are turned on as well as you provide all the permissions to application. If you don’t see notification while the screen is on you could also have activated energy saving settings. If this didn’t help go to troubleshooting.
Q: The update was unsuccessful.
A: Please do Restore Device.
Q: During restore, notification happened and the process is not going on.
A: Sometimes on few versions of Android operating systems, such a situation could happen. Please make sure that the Restore took over 20 min. Turn the strap off and turn on again. The update should be successful. In other case please repeat Restore. If this didn’t help go to troubleshooting.
Q: Invis doesn’t show led while charging.
A: Please make sure that the strap is turned on. Sometimes there is not too much energy that is why you need to wait for 15 min before turning it on. If this didn’t help go to troubleshooting.
Q: Invis doesn’t want to start Restore.
A: Sometimes on few versions of Android operating systems, Invis strap could have difficulty to connect with bootloader at the first time. Please repeat this process till the time it will start. If this didn’t help go to troubleshooting.