How to pair your watch strap with a card?

Check how easily you can connect your card with Invis watch straps!

Download the Invis Pay by wearonize app from the App Store or Google Play.
Click the create account button and follow the instructions.
Add your watch strap to the app. You can add it manually or by NFC.
After you added your watch strap to the app, it's time to add your card, use a camera to scan the card info or add it manually.
Pair your card with a watch strap by moving the watch strap to the NFC antenna in your smartphone. Follow the instructions in the app.
Done! Your Invis is set. Enjoy paying with your watch strap. Use the app to manage your payments and delete or add cards at any time.

Check if your card is compatibilite with Invis Pay. Find Supported banks here.

If your card is not supported you can always use Curve digital wallet and connect any card. Check out Curve.

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Can I connect any card to Invis Pay app?
Please visit the Supported Banks page to check if your card is compatible. If you do not find your bank and card on the list. You can use Curve digital wallet as your card that you will connect with your watch strap.
Is Invis Pay app secure?
Yes, Invis Pay app follows EMVco standards. EMVCo is the international body that currently manages standards relating to EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) payment technology. It is a consortium with control split equally among Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, ChinaUnionPay and Discover.
Can I pause or delete my card on the Invis Pay app?
Yes, you are in control. Anytime you can pause or delete the card from Invis Pay app.
How to pair a watch strap with the card?
Please follow the instructions in the app. The most crucial part is finding an NFC antenna in your mobile phone and holding the watch strap for a couple of seconds in the NFC area. The NFC sensor is generally on the back of the phone, either in the center, lower or upper portions.It may take a bit of experimenting to see which angle works best for your phone. If you have used your mobile wallet (Apple Pay / Google Pay) before, the same angles should work.