Learn how to use Invis Pay app and pair your watch strap with any card!
Invis Pay App Tutorial
Learn how to create your Invis account. Sign up and manage your payments through the app.
Invis Pay App Tokenization Tutorial
Learn how to connect your Invis Pay watch strap with a debit card. Follow the steps in the tutorial to learn where the smartphone NFC antenna is. Tutorial will guide you step by step through the tokenization process.
CURVE tutorial
Learn how to set up a Curve account and connect any card to your Invis Pay watch strap. Our partner, Curve, is a digital wallet app with millions of customers worldwide. If your bank is not supported, you can add your card to Curve and connect Curve card to your Invis Pay. Thanks to our partnership, you do not have to pay for anything when setting up a Curve account. Use this link to download the app.