Redefining your wearables.

We seamlessly integrate smart features into watch straps to preserve the classic elegance of your timepiece.

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Join us in the wearables revolution.
We reinvent wearables which hold sentimental value by integrating advanced technology while preserving classic design and heritage. Our watch straps ensure the aesthetic of your classic wristwatch remains the same while enabling smart features to facilitate your connected life. Delicately hidden technology and attention to quality and elegance are the foundational pillars in our vision of the connected future of wearables.

Invis Pass

Invis Pass

All with a flick of your wrist. Everyday payments and accessibilities made smooth with your Invis Pass. The intuitive features of the Invis Pass make it easy to feel connected to the world while preserving a classic look.

Invis Strap

Invis Strap

Connect your watch to your lifestyle. The Invis Strap watch strap is the smart wearables solution that enables you to enhance the utility of your wristwatch without compromising elegance.

One App That Connects All

The connected future is here. Feel in full control of your Invis watch straps with the personalized and easy to use Invis App. The Invis App has been engineered to facilitate the communication between your smartphone and your watch strap. The Invis App is available on iOS and Android devices.

Invis App

We detect your device for easy set up. Depending on your Invis device, tailor features such as the activity dashboard, notification control, alarm settings, device location, achievement goals or payment options, straight from your smartphone. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The Invisible Revolution

Our Invisible Revolution has begun. The world is changing rapidly with the advent of smart technology. We understand the sentimental attachment you feel towards your wearable. Thus, we make the wearables revolution seamless and unimposing by striving for invisibility in our products. Our Invisible Revolution seeks to evolve existing products, preserving their heritage and elegance while adding smart features non-intrusively so they may effectively benefit you in the connected world.

Exceptional materials

Our products are made from selected high quality materials.
A leather hand-made connected strap that ensures durability is tailored to fit the look of any classic watch.

Invisible design

Our technology is carefully hidden. You will not have to change your everyday habits. We deliver smart functionality in a way that is subtle and non-intrusive.

Intelligent devices

Turn your ordinary devices into a smart invisible ecosystem. Our intuitive technology is easy to use and personalize in order to benefit any lifestyle.