Make secure contactless payments with high quality leather watch straps.
Size (mm):

High quality craftsmanship

Our watch straps are handmade in Germany using genuine leather by our partners at RIOS. All watch straps are hand stitched with exceptional precision and combined with NFC chip. The finished product is a traditional work of art with modern features.

Secure contactless payments

Making secure contactless payments has never been easier. Simply move your watch strap over a terminal & enjoy your purchase. Use the Fidesmo Pay platform to pay through a supported banking institution. Certified by Mastercard & Visa.

Easy to change

Invis watch straps are designed easy-to-change. Push the button on the top of the strap to compress the spring bar and then gently fit the bar into the lugs of your watch case. Repeat the same process to remove the watch strap from the watch case.