Invis Pay

Garmisch - Organic Leather

Genuine certified organic leather, matching stitching.
Lug width (mm):
Buckle width (mm):
Bracelet length for each size is 114/82 mm.

Unique Qualities

Contactless Payments

Making secure contactless payments has never been easier. Move your watch strap over a terminal & enjoy your purchase. Invis pay platform is certified by Mastercard & Visa.

Comfort of use

Invis watch straps do not require charging at any point. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to charge your device. You can pay with your watch straps at any time.

Invis Pay App

Connect your watch strap with the Invis pay app. Link your card and organize your expenses.

High-quality Craftsmanship

Art Manuel

The finest of traditional craftsmanship in the watch strap industry. 172 production steps. The high-end Art Manuel technique is similar to a frame-stitched shoe, with an additional leather sheath. The strap is then embossed; the edges are smoothed with heat, sanded down, and painted 5 times with edge dye. The loops are hand stitched.

Saddler’s Seam

In contrast to machine sewing, the hand stitched or saddler's seam uses only a single thread, which is drawn manually from one side to the other with two needles alternately creating a particularly even stitch pattern. It takes approximately 40 minutes to produce, which gives a watch strap a longer service life compared to machine stitching.

Organic Watch Straps

Chromium-free. Natural & vegetable tanned leather from German cattle from approved organic farms “Biokreis”. Allergy-friendly.

Easy to Change

Invis watch straps are designed easy-to-change.

Push the button on the top of the strap to compress the spring bar and then gently fit the bar into the lugs of your watch case.

Repeat the same process to remove the watch strap from the watch case.

Check our Watch Strap Sizing Guide.